• Robert Perz, chefkonsulent, Dansk Industri

    Robert Perz, chefkonsulent, Dansk Industri

    “Som erhvervsleder og menneske kommer man nogle gange ud for forandringer i sit liv – professionelt og privat, som kan være udfordrende og krævende. Jeg har igennem Marie Kronquist fået en tilgang til meditation og en livsvej, som har skabt enormt mentalt overskud, et rum med en ro som skaber fokus på det, som er centralt og vigtigt – har øget min bevidsthed, mine prioriteter og mit nærvær, som har flyttet mig som menneske. Maries særlige væsen og visdom som mester har inspireret til og bidraget til, at denne tilgang og livsvej har åbnet sig for mig på en ærlig og konkret måde, som har åbnet vigtige perspektiver til mit liv – privat og professionelt. Når ens virkelighed forandrer sig, og man ønsker at stå stærkt – skabe rummet til at finde ro, få fokus på det som er – det som er væsentligt – så anbefaler jeg, at man kontakter Marie Kronquist og får muligheden til at finde ind til sin egen ro og styrke. Marie faciliterer sine sessioner med stort nærvær og respekt for dig som menneske og skaber rummet for stilhed og ro.”
  • Torben Craner, Principal Consultant - NNIT

    Torben Craner, Principal Consultant - NNIT

    Marie Kronquist er et enestående menneske og blandt de absolut mest erfarne og givende lærere når det gælder meditation. – min oplevelse var meget positiv. Hun er en fantastisk autentisk underviser, der med sin blotte tilstedeværelse giver dig et stærkt indtryk af meditationens gavnlige virkning. Til alle der ønsker mere ro, balance og styrke i deres liv, kan jeg på det varmeste anbefale Marie.
  • Jimm Feldborg, Innovation Executive - Building Strong Organisations - Siemens

    Jimm Feldborg, Innovation Executive - Building Strong Organisations - Siemens

    I have got to know Marie through various leadership networks. Our interactions have circled around how leaders can benefit from mental training and mindfulness. I enjoy and learn a lot when I spend time with Marie. Marie has a uniqueness within the area of mindfulness and you get inspired by her strong presence, when you are together with Marie. I can sincerely recommend Marie to whomever that want to explore the universe of mindfulness as an enabler to a more peaceful life and as a result of this, better leadership results and stronger relations.
  • Brian Sørensen, Sales Director / Grundfos Nordic Area

    Brian Sørensen, Sales Director / Grundfos Nordic Area

    Jeg har i flere sammenhænge haft muligheden for at tilbringe tid sammen med Marie Kronquist. Hun er ét at de mest inspirerende mennesker jeg nogensinde har mødt. Det sker meget sjældent at jeg møder et menneske, som gør så dybt et indtryk som Marie formår. Og det er meget sjældent at jeg hører så mange simple vise ord på så kort tid Hun er en utrolig vis kvinde, som virkelig kan gøre en forskel. Som leder vil jeg anbefale alle ledere at blive nysgerrige på Marie og hendes evner for personlig udvikling.
  • Anders Hageskov, CEO / J. Walter Thomson Copenhagen

    Anders Hageskov, CEO / J. Walter Thomson Copenhagen

    I used to believe that a high level of physical activities was the key to endurance and stronger performance in my job as a leader. But after Marie introduced me to the tool of meditation I surely had to rethink this! In only a few weeks, meditation has become an invaluable new tool to me. I experience a growing inner strength and a more balanced and positive approach to conflicts and difficult challenges. Marie’s background as a professional athlete together with her focus and talent for creating inner harmony and strength is a perfect combination for ambitious business people…as well as all others. Book a few sessions with Marie and you will know what I am talking about.
  • Martin Paulsen, Team Leader in Device Development / Novo Nordisk

    Martin Paulsen, Team Leader in Device Development / Novo Nordisk

    During a period of 14 months, Marie has giving short meditation instructions to our team several times a week. With her calm and patient approach, she encouraged and enabled us to train our focus span, become aware of how our emotions impact our decision making, and increase our attention on stress. The results of the activities have increased the quality of our team-work: Equipped with new tools, we are better able to navigate through fast and high demand changes, without losing the focus on what is most important. In a meeting with a stressed and demanding customer, for instance, we were able to recognise the tense atmosphere and to purposely react calm, positive, and listening – and to maintain a focused business approach and not become stressed ourselves. Marie has done an excellent job, been both informing and encouraging, bringing a long term strategy of her work and at the same time being flexible in adjusting to our situation.
  • Ola Lenes, Managing Director, Hudson

    Ola Lenes, Managing Director, Hudson

    To meditate with Marie Kronquist is a strategy to help foster interconnectedness, creativity and innovation. Meditation helps you focus, and creates an agile and flexible mindset as a foundation for leadership. For me, meditation is a tool to awaken you to your full potential, which moves you from one level to another. As a mentor, Marie has helped me open a new door by doing ‘nothing’. Because I don’t do meditation. Meditation does me.
  • Mojca Brezigar, Specialist for Procurement Legal Matters for Central and Eastern Europe, IBM

    Mojca Brezigar, Specialist for Procurement Legal Matters for Central and Eastern Europe, IBM

    I had the opportunity to work under Maries guidance in 2015. First on weekend workshop and then I took an extensive mindfulness class with her in Slovenia. I have to say, this were the best workshops I have ever been to. I believe not only the content, the theory behind it, but mainly the way of sharing and presenting the essence of mindfulness is the reason for these workshops to be truly “one of a kind” and for me being able to really hear and accept the thoughts that were spoken. I feel so alive and feel and notice things all the time. It is amazing. It was the most precious experience. even now after almost 2 years I use her approach and technics to cope with daily topics. Thank you Marie it is a honour and pleasure to work under your guidance.
  • Esben Lund-Hansen, Chief Growth Enabler & Owner @ PGR

    Esben Lund-Hansen, Chief Growth Enabler & Owner @ PGR

    Marie is a truly unique, inspiring and extraordinary person and one that leaves an instant positive and profound impression. Some of the characteristics you immediately pick up from being around Marie is her ability to be present, authentic, reflective and considerate. It makes you feel comfortable and at ease and helps you to focus and reflect and just… be. There’s a saying that “you have to go slow, before you can go fast” and it’s something you’ll learn, understand and practice to a deeper level, having being around Marie. What strikes me time after time, is Marie’s admireable ability to observe the world with clarity, distance and calmness and say even the most complicated things in a very easy, precise and calm way. With our world becoming increasingly complex, volatile, uncertain and ambigous, it’s an ability which sometimes can be hard to obtain and sustain. Marie has proven just the opposite to me – deeper levels of being grounded, awake, aware, present, kind, compassionate and grateful is obtainable and sustainable. Add time, focus, silence, determination, discipline and dedication to the mix and it’s obtainable. “To see is to be free”. Having worked with Marie, this powerfull statement has risen to become even more meaningful to me. Marie has given me a more clear, simple, genuine, deeper and more grounded perspective on what it means to be a human being in the today’s fast paced and everchanging world and how you can live an even more purposefull, appreciative, giving and simple life. I’d recommend anyone to spend time together with Marie and get truly and profoundly inspired and become more awake, aware and present.
  • Lene Lange, Advokat, DLA Piper

    Lene Lange, Advokat, DLA Piper

    No one has ever challenged my mindset to such extent and with such effect. She is key to mental energy, clarity and wisdom. My sessions with Marie reveals mental energy and clears my mind – even at days where I thought there was nothing to clear. She has challenged my basic mindset – leaving me more grounded, energized and wise. Some people take your life to a new level. Marie has taken me to a new life.